Thursday, July 16

New blog post

So... wow! I can't believe I really started this with so... if I were still in school I would have to pay 50 cents to my teacher :P we had a deal, so that we would get out of the habit of starting a sentence with 'so'. Perhaps here, in the US, I should have such a deal for a lot more words, like 'so', 'like' (oh, that's a big one!), 'dude', 'man' etc etc.
In any case... the truth is I started with 'so' because I don't really know what to say. I mean, I feel like I should write something, but I don't have anything particular to write about. Which is why this is such a random post - sort of finding what I need to write about. Like in last night's House episode (4.16) when he couldn't remember who was dying... oh, that was a sad episode...
This is the end of my post tonight.

Monday, July 6

What I learned from Facebook quizzes…

Facebook quizzes - everyone either loves them or gets annoyed by them. For me it's kinda both, but sometimes, esp when I'm stressed out, I find they are a good way of relaxing. And I find all these things about myself that I didn't even know about.I always wanted to put these up together somewhere, so here they are:

How will I die?             

I will die peacefully in my bed.

What type of cheese am I?   

I am a slice of American cheese.

What chemical element am I?  

I am iron, Fe.

The name of the man I will marry:   

I will marry Dan.

Am i a bitch?    

I am a classy bitch

What famous bitch am I?                            

I am Sinnead O'Connor - a fierce bitch.

What evil history personality am I?      


When will I get married?     

In my late 20s or 30s.

What alcohol am I?             

Laphroaig 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky!

How blonde am I?             

0% blonde.

How old am I really?             

I am really 20 yrs old.

Who is my perfect match?             

Someone enthusiastic and outgoing.

What is my stripper name?             


What do my eyes say?             

My eyes say happy

What perfume am I?             

I am Miss Dior Cherie

Who is the artists inside you?           

Leonardo da Vinci

How black am I?             

I'm 50% white

A quelle celebrite je resemble             

Je resemble a Monica Belluci

What sexual position am I?             

The doggy style

Am I a good girlfriend?             

I am 100% perfect girlfriend

What type of girlfriend am I?             

I am a romantic girlfriend

How am I rated in the bedroom dept?        

10/10 hot hot hot

How long will our relationship last?       

Our relationship will last forever

How perverted am I?             

Completely unperverted

Do I have a dirty mind?             

I have a dirty mastermind.

What celebrity should I marry?              

Jude Law.

What wild animal am I?             

I am a deer.

How virgin am I?             

I am 50% virgin – a vagina tease.

What is my sex outfit?             

Bad cop.

What type of lover am I?             

I'm a sex addicted lover and my lover wants only me.

What is my brandname?             

Giorgio Armani

What nationality makes the best lover for me?            


Picture by Max-B: Facebook